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Residential Loans

Purchase and Refinance for Single Family Residence, 2-4 Units, Condominium, Townhouse, Mobile/Manufactured Home, and Residential Land.

Conventional Loan

This loan program is best for borrowers who have good credit scores, at least 5% to put down, and have minimal debt with a good history of income (W2 or self-employed).

FHA Loan

Stands for Federal housing Administration. Best Fit: Borrowers with lower credit scores (580+), limited down payment (3.5%), and stable income. Popular for first-time homebuyers.

VA Loan

Stands for Veteran Affairs. Best Fit: Eligible veterans, active-duty service members, and certain members of the National Guard and Reserves. No down payment required.


Stands for United States Department of Agriculture. Best Fit: Rural and suburban homebuyers with low to moderate income. No down payment required, but property location restrictions apply.


Stands for Home Equity Line of Credits. Best Fit: Homeowners seeking to tap into their home equity for various purposes. HELOC includes adjustable interest rate, and HELOAN include fixed interest rate.

Down Payment Assistance Loan

Stands for Down Payment Assistance. Best Fit: Low-to-moderate income first-time homebuyers needing financial help for down payment and closing costs.


Stands for Debt Service Coverage Ratio. Best Fit: Real estate investors or landlords. Qualification based on property's income potential rather than personal income.

Bank Statements Loan

Best Fit: Self-employed or freelancers who may have non-traditional income documentation. Income based on bank statements over a specific period.

Profit & Loss Loan

Best Fit: Self-employed borrowers with a solid history of income. Income calculated from profit and loss statements instead of tax returns.


Stands for Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) Best Fit: Non-U.S. citizens without a Social Security number. Allows them to buy homes and establish credit using an ITIN.

Reverse Loan

Best Fit: Seniors aged 62 or older who want to convert home equity into cash without monthly payments. Typically used for retirement income.

Bridge Loan

Best Fit: Homeowners wanting to purchase a new home before selling their current one. Temporary loan to cover the gap between sales.

Hard Money Loan

Best Fit: Investors or borrowers with poor credit or unique property situations. Short-term, high-interest loan based on property value.